CAMP Network

Since 1988, the Coastal Area Management Programmes (CAMPs) are PAP/RAC flag ship projects around the Mediterranean, supporting Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention in implementing the coastal and marine practical management activities.


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Map of CAMP Projects at ICZM Platform

CAMP projects have been implemented all around the Mediterranean. The major goal of the CAMP Projects is to encourage the implementation of the ICZM Protocol principles at national and local levels, but also to promote integrated management of marine ecosystems, land-sea interactions and transboundary dialogue.



ICZM themes

Coastal and marine natural features and human activities

CAMP projects address conflicts and sustainable blue growth development opportunities on the Mediterranean coasts and marine areas, where natural ecosystems and human activities are interdependent, with a view to provide a Mediterranean strategies and governance models and tools to enhance management effectiveness of these areas and beyond.