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Introduction: towards a community of local ICZM initiatives

Arising from the ICZM Protocol, the criteria shaping the following test are intended to help you check and validate by yourself the accuracy of your project regarding the ICZM principles and processes, but also to guide you in the designing and launching of projects, and finally to create a Mediterranean community of local ICZM-like initiatives. They are not about any kind of evaluation of your project. Applied to ICZM, including the ecosystem-based management approach, these principles and provisions imply a process of learning and adaptation through initiatives/projects with the following key concepts:
  • Vision: taking the long-term view promoting sustainable activities well beyond their actual implementation for the well-being of present and future generations (ICZM Protocol, Provision 3)
  • Nested systems of governance: planning and decision making at one scale, for example within a municipality or province, should not contradict or conflict with planning and management at another – for example, at the scale of the nation (ICZM Protocol, Provision 6)
  • Participation: both individuals and members of institutions are more likely to comply with a management project when they feel that that it is consistent with their values, responds to their needs and to their beliefs of how human society should function. Voluntary compliance by a supportive population lies at the heart of the successful implementations of a project or programme (ICZM Protocol, Provision 4)
  • Capacity building: for an approach that continuously builds the capacity of local populations and local leaders to identify the forces that are shaping the coastal ecosystems of which they are a part and select the actions that can maintain and enhance the qualities that are critical to a desirable future.